Real-time Data

Providing for a comfortable retirement for America's workers has been an objective of the US government for nearly 100 years. As the single largest tax deduction, qualified retirement plans constitute a fertile ground for tax law changes. The size of the tax deduction afforded to qualified plans in the US (currently over $1 Trillion) is a testament to how we value these plans from a societal viewpoint.

Financial services, one of the most dynamic marketplaces, is constantly evolving. The financial markets, government agencies, legislation, and litigation all influence financial products and services. Vendors and distribution must constantly adapt to changing attitudes, perceptions, regulations, and ways of doing business.

Because the variables that affect financial service sales and distribution are constant and powerful, forward-focused, real-time market intelligence is critical to sound strategic decisions. Specializing in distribution research, PulseLogic is constantly gathering and analyzing timely data that reveals market and distribution channel intelligence.

Identifying and researching trends and constantly monitoring the marketplaceā€”PulseLogic's intelligence closes information gaps, delivers the data needed to make the critical strategic decisions, and improve sales and distribution.