Distribution Research

Distribution research is the investigation and study of a company's or industry's channels, process, protocols, and hierarchy to identify the facts, direction, and recommendations that lead to greater sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Specific to in-depth understandings of intermediaries, channels, and the needs of both the reseller and the consumer, distribution research focuses on the design, collection, and analysis of timely and actionable data to improve sales.

Focusing on the needs of the end user as well as the points of the distribution matrix, Pulse Logic improves:

  • Knowledge and insights for managing sales channels
  • Segmentation of distribution within channels
  • Identification and understanding of the centers of influence in the sales process
  • Knowledge of the roles intermediaries play in the sales process
  • Insight of the company‚Äôs position within specific sales channels

Pulse Logic is the only firm of its kind. With extensive backgrounds in sales, marketing, channel management and intermediaries, Pulse Logic is able to provide not only critical distribution data, but also the accompanying insights our clients need to succeed.