Ken Cochrane, Managing Director

A range of corporate expertise paired with a marketing and sales background allows Ken to bring a unique perspective to Pulse Logic. His extensive experience in sales, sales management, market research, and brand strategy provides invaluable insight to Pulse Logic's work. Ken develops and implements brand and sales strategies across multiple industries, including financial services, health care, and medical device. He and his team use market research and unique insights to help their clients succeed.

Ken recently worked with LIMRA for three years managing their Commercial Research Division. Today, he continues to work with LIMRA on a consulting level. He's actively working with Final Expense insurance companies to analyze their mortality, lapse, and recession experience. In addition, the FE companies are able to score an agent's profitability. In addition, he works with LIMRA to develop research consortia studies.

As a member of senior management, Ken served as Senior Vice President at Transamerica Retirement Services for over five years, where he was responsible for national sales, business development, marketing, and strategic partnerships. Earlier in his career, Ken served as Regional Vice President and Regional Sales Manager at Transamerica and also Regional Sales Director for Mutual Benefit Life.

Ken received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Bucknell University and currently serves as a Trustee and Treasurer of the Fruitlands Museum.